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Malin Billberg

Fulltofta 4079,

242 94 Hörby, Sweden

(0046) 070-6890411

Training & Showing. Clinics & Coaching

TPH are proud to have Malin as our trainer, carrying on our tradition of hard work and honesty. We dont rush our horses, because we have a long term plan for each of them.

TPH or customer horses - they all get treated the same. Insulated barn, Viper drying rugs, HHP Massage rugs, heated water circulation, Dengie & Saracen feeds, our own produced hay, 60x30m arena and well maintained turn out pens.

Both Malin and Steve are available for clinics and coaching. However just like our Training program the 2021 calender is almost full. Contact us as soon as possible so we can work out a way to fit your needs whether it be a clinic or coaching at a show

TPH Assistant trainers

These girls :)

Emilia & Ellinor Andreasson have been working with us for 5 years now - Grooming and carrying out the barn work. But mostly they have been learning and learning and learning and now is the time when we have decided that they will be our Assistant trainers. Thier young horse handling and riding is improving every week and along with thier own show horses they are ready for the big world ;)

We welcome them as assistants but also because of thier work ethics, honesty and patience which is something that will make them successful in thier own right and a great part of TPH.

They are not always this serious looking !!



Malin Billberg - Resident Trainer at TPH

The strength is in the versatility!

From the beginning some 15 years ago TPH have given me the opportunity that i dont think I would have recieved anywhere else. A superb facility, horses of all ability, great customers, never ending coaching and business education, financial support and a place to live. All I had to do in return was work hard - really hard. Now I have a great business and a career that takes me not only throughout europe but to USA as well doing the sport I love. I have become European Champion, European Rookie Proffesional Champion and many more titles all still backed by TPH and thier endless support.

Working with young horses and coaching students is what gives me satisfaction and I am looking forward to taking these young horses and students to shows in Scandinavia and Europe. Training horses is a game of patience and planning and it is this that has allowed me to achieve what I have to date and what I hope to achieve in the future. We have developed a training program that brings long term success and are constantly looking to improve our service to both the customer and horse. As well as training for some of europes best trainers, from 2018 I will be visiting USA 2/3 times a year to continue my education so I can pass it on to my customers and horses - Exciting times!

Malin Billberg